We are on a mission
to elevate the
investor <> advisor relationship.

I'm Stephen,

A capital allocator just like you - with investment dollars to deploy each year.  I invest in public and private markets, both direct and through investment professionals.

Rainbook was created to empower the individual investor.  If you hired a financial advisor, they are working for you. Yet surprisingly (or not), only 11% of clients are receiving comprehensive advice from their advisor, even though 50% believe they do*. I found this unacceptable.  Without the data, how do you ensure that you are maximizing the relationship with your  advisor?

We are working to deliver an objective, holistic evaluation of your financial advisor that will determine what, if any, alpha the advisor is generating.  This goes beyond investment performance with the aim of enhancing your existing financial advisor relationship and/or providing you with information you can use to select a different advisor.

*JD Power 2023 Investor Satisfaction Survey

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