The Wealth Hub

Visibility that places you in the driver's seat.

Rain Dashboard

The wealth hub nucleus. View allocation across asset classes, top insights and your trending Net Worth.

  • Simple, clean view of all your investments on one dashboard.   See calculation of your Net Worth and the breakdown of Liquid, Alternative, and Personal assets.

  • Drill down into each category to understand allocation, top accounts and holdings.

  • Liquid, Alternative, Personal

Cash Flow & Expenses

Visualize your monthly cash flow and gain confidence in the available cash that should be working for you vs the other way around.

  • Tag passive income as it hits your account. Keep tabs on that cash on cash return.

  • Track checking account and credit card spend from 30,000 feet.

  • Monthly Nut Auto Pilot

Rain Insights

Relevant and actionable data that makes an impact on your cash flow.

  • Rainbook analyzes your portfolio to deliver personalized opportunities to maximize your wealth.

  • Since we do not manage your money, our only goal is to give you the best opportunities available, no matter the platform.

  • We’ve done the vetting and research so you can be the investment manager and not the research analyst.

Better than a stock tip