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If I am happy with my advisor, could Rainbook still be helpful to me?
Yes, Rainbook’s mission is to transform all investor, financial advisor relationships. This includes strengthening existing relationships and providing a consistent platform for investors to monitor their investments. In addition, the Advisor Analyzer might help you unlock questions to ask at your next advisor meeting as you gain a more transparent understanding of your fees and overall relationship.
Will Rainbook tell me how my advisor is doing?
Rainbook will give an unbiased evaluation by analyzing the overall fees and portfolio performance against the target allocation benchmarks. Rainbook’s Advisor Analyzer will quickly identify any gaps in addition to any pain points in the relationship.
I don’t have an advisor. Can I still use Rainbook?
Yes. Whether you are self-directed investor or if you are looking for an advisor, Rainbook was built for you. If looking for an advisor, Rainbook can help match you with an advisor on the Rainbook Advisor Network. Self-directed investors can leverage our Wealth Hub.
How is a service like Rainbook offered to users for free?
Rainbook earns revenue when we succeed in matching exceptional investors like you with elite fiduciary advisors on the Rainbook Advisor Network. Rainbook receives a fee from the advisor and no portion of this fee will be charged to the investor by the advisor or Rainbook. For more information, view our Form ADV Part 2A which details how Rainbook is compensated and how we mitigate any conflict of interest.
Can my advisor see that I connected my account to Rainbook?  Or any other accounts I’ve connected to Rainbook?
No, your financial advisor cannot see nor is notified of any connections you make to Rainbook.
Can users outside the United States access Rainbook?
Currently, Rainbook is exclusively available to users with investment accounts based in the United States. If you have an investment account in the USA, you are eligible to use our services. We are actively exploring opportunities to expand our reach to other regions in the future. Stay tuned for updates on our international availability.
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