How is my data secured?
We secure all data with Google Cloud infrastructure. This stack builds security through progressive layers that deliver true defense in depth. Hardware infrastructure is Google-controlled, -secured, and -hardened. AES-256 Encryption by default, at rest and in transit.
Does Rainbook use my account data for any external purpose?
No. We do not sell your data to anyone. Rainbook analyzes account data to provide our services to you, and only you. We value your privacy and your trust in Rainbook.
What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?
With Two Factor Authentication or 2FA, you protect your Rainbook account with something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone), adding an extra layer of security. Your phone number is only used for verification and login.
How can I help keep my account secure?
Create a unique password that you use only with Rainbook. We recommend that your keep 2FA enabled and please never share your password with anyone. Rainbook will never ask you for your password.
Can I disable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?
While we do not recommend disabling 2FA, you have the option from your Account Profile page.
What internal controls does Rainbook have to protect my data?
Rainbook is built on trust which begins and ends with your privacy. Our customer support team can see some user data, on a need to know basis. The marketing team uses specific user data to provide relevant information to you.
When I close my account, is my data deleted?
When you request account closure by emailing, we promptly erase all your data from our database. Additionally, we inform our aggregators to discontinue connecting to your account and delete any related information from their end.
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