Wealth Hub

What is the Wealth Hub?
Wealth Hub is a portal built for the self directed investor. While fully functional, it is currently in beta. It can be used to monitor your net worth, your personal financial statement and categorizing expenses.
Is the Wealth Hub useful for people with self-directed accounts as well as advisor-managed accounts?
Some investors want to keep certain accounts private, ‘held away’, from their financial advisor. The Wealth Hub allows investors to visualize all their investments, including self directed investments that their advisor might not be aware of.
What type of assets can I load into the Wealth Hub?
Liquid assets which is cash on hand or any asset that can be easily converted to cash. Think stocks, bonds, and major cryptocurrencies which are easily bought and sold.

Alternative assets which are investments that are less liquid. Think art, real estate, and private equity. These usually take a longer time to find the right buyer to exit the investment.

Personal assets which are your retirement accounts and personal property. Think IRA, 401k, 529, home(s), car(s), jewelry, sneaker or handbag collection.
Can I track cash flow using the Wealth Hub?
Yes, the Cash Flow tab within the Wealth Hub allows you to view your personal P&L each month and categorize expenses from credit cards and bank accounts.
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