Account Connections

How do I add a new account?
From the main menu dropdown, click on Add Account and follow the prompts.
How does Rainbook connect my accounts?
Rainbook uses a number of APIs to connect your accounts. The API Rainbook utilizes depends on the  financial institution or investment fund that you are adding to your Rainbook. We work with major partners such as Mornignstar and Plaid.
I have multiple accounts with my advisor, which institution connection should I use?
To maximize the Advisor Analyzer experience, you should connect your brokerage account, who is the custodian of the assets within your portfolio. This gives Rainbook the ability to calculate all the fees associated with your account.
How often does account information update?
Accounts will update daily, at a minimum.
What if I don't see my financial institution?
At the bottom of the account connection page, you have the opportunity to upload PDF statement or can request an account connection to be added.
What if I have an advisor-managed account and a self-directed account? Can I upload both?
Yes you can. Your advisor-managed account can be connected within the Advisor Analyzer of Rainbook. Your self-directed accounts can be connected within the Wealth Hub, which can be accessed from your Profile page.
Which advisory firms automatically connect to Rainbook?
Rainbook has connections to over 10,000 US based financial and investment institutions. Please reach out via phone or email if you cannot locate your brokerage or institution. In addition, investors have the option to upload a PDF statement which the Advisor Analyzer can use to generate your Rainbook Advisor Score.
What can I do if my advisor-managed account is not connecting to Rainbook?
Please email Or you can upload your PDF statement.
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