Scorecard displaying all six factors, along with their impact on your Advisor Score.

  • Simple, clean view of each factor, with easy access to a detailed report on each.

  • Understand quickly where your advisor relationship might need attention.


View your portfolio holdings, transactions and investment performance.

  • Stay up to date on your portfolio allocation and performance.

  • View relative performance alongside model portfolio benchmarks.

  • Monitor cash optimization in money market funds.


Investors pay different types of fees which can be overwhelming.

  • See the total dollar amount in addition to the
    percentage amount of fees charged by your advisor.

  • View fees associated with any mutual fund and/or
    ETF holdings in your acocunt.

  • Knowing exactly what you are paying helps you
    determine if you are getting the value you expect out
    of your advisor relationship.


Great relationships in life are built on communication and trust.

  • Determine if you are receiving the communication you deserve.

  • Confirm you are meeting with your advisor when, where, and how often you expect.


Trust but Verify.

  • Confirm your Advisor's registration status

  • View work history and reported disclosures.

  • See Advisor's designations (CFP®, CFA®, CPA, CAIA)


Are you receiving investment reports that you understand?!

  • Make sure your Advisor is providing reporting that is transparent with statements that you understand.

  • Portfolio Positions, Investment Transactions, Fees, Asset Allocation, Benchmarks


One advantage of working with a Financial Advisor is leveraging their knowledge beyond stocks and bonds.

  • Have you spoken with your Advisor about alternative investments?

  • Does your Advisor have the CAIA designation?

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