529 Plans: Direct vs Broker Sold

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Many states offer a direct 529 plan, which typically have lower overall fees.  These are the preference of many independent fiduciary advisors. These plans also do not have the additional sales charge (aka commission) that is associated with a broker sold 529 plan.

A broker sold plan can have front load fees, which can be over 5% taken off the top before any dollar is invested in the fund.  In addition, theses broker sold plans invest in high annual expense fee mutual funds.  A double whammy! And for what reason?!

If you are working with a true fiduciary advisor, they will be happy to help you avoid the unnecessary fees and open a 529 plan directly with the state you choose. *Be sure to check the tax benefits as some states require you to open a 529 account in the state where you reside to receive the tax benefit. Again, your independent fiduciary financial advisor can help you answer these questions and more!