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Ensuring You Get the Service You Deserve: Unveiling the Reality of Your Requests

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FA Mag recently detailed the "profound gaps between the services that financial advisors believe they’re offering and what investors perceive they’re getting."

An overwhelming majority of investors want investment management, tax planning, estate planning, wealth protection, and charitable planning from advisors, and a similar majority of advisors claim to offer these services.

However, only 24.8% of clients report receiving tax planning, , 22.5% say their advisor does estate planning, 6% say they get charitable planning, and just 7.5% claim to benefit from their advisor utilizing robust strategies to shield their wealth.

These massive gaps are concerning. They suggest advisors often are not providing holistic services in the way consumers demand. Clients who are less than satisfied with the services their advisor provides should have a candid conversation with their financial advisor, or consider moving their money to someone who can truly meet, actually exceed, their needs.

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